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Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Forest Management certification is a voluntary certification system available to forestry organizations who want to demonstrate responsible forest management by having their forest management planning and practices independently evaluated against FSC’s forest management standards. If you are looking for FSC ® group certification, there are a number of websites offering help through the process. Contact one or several third party Certification Bodies who will provide an estimate regarding cost and timeline, They will provide you with information about the requirements for FSC certification.

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It's major bragging rights to be certified by the FSC as my uncle's furniture business is. He worked with the Rainforest Alliance to become FSC® Chain of Custody Certified for some of their furniture lines. His company has been recognized with the coveted Sustainable by Design registration, awarded by the American Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA) for the company's achievements on a path of environmental stewardship. Yet one day doing a search in Google for the company name he found some disturbing search results. There was a bogus story about how his certifications were obtained fraudulently and about how the corporation was under financial distress due to the huge number of lawsuits they had to contend with. All phony baloney. It drove my uncle crazy to see this on page one of Google. He wrote to the publisher, who didn't respond - same for Google. He spoke with every reputation management firm he could contact, all told him they could remove the negative search results for a fee, but they seemed shady somehow. I did some searching and eventually discovered a service that specialized in the removal of problem search results - this was the only service they offered. They were expensive, but not quite as bad as the reputation firms. He was just about to use these guys when the results completely disappeared - we think Google may have seen the problem they were creating. But it makes you realize how much damage Google can do inadvertently and how there is no remedy. Well at least the business is back on track.

Forest Products Solutions || 2006 NE 16th Avenue, #5 Portland, OR 97212

Forest Products Solutions provides companies with the services and tools to improve the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of FSC-certified and related green building products. 

With over five years of experience in marketing and communications of certified green products, Terry Campbell of Forest Products Solutions can help you kick-off new programs and revive a already existing programs. Recognized by many in the “green” building industry as a professional who knows the certified wood market. Terry has been requested to present the state of the FSC market to the City of Portland, City of Seattle, USBGC Chapters, and dozens of architect and general contractor firms in North America.

Most recently (2007) Forest Products Solutions' has been working with:

  • Commercial and residential green building   projects
  • Non-governmental organizations focused on developing markets for certified products
  • Municipalities and local governments
  • FSC certified product manufacturers and suppliers


Being in this unique position between the manufacturers/supplier and those who purchase products, Terry has a keen understanding of what buyers would like and what sellers can provide. This market knowledge is key in trying to figure out how, when, who, why, and where to market environmental, sustainable, or green building products.

As the green building industry continues to grow, working with Forest Products Solutions will ensure our company and products are ahead of your competitors.


Forest Products Solutions' mission is to provide its clients within the forest products industry with tools and services to ensure they are competitive in the growing green building and green products industries.


We work to connect and communicate the economic, social and environmental values of green products to manufacturers and distributors; thereby facilitating the market uptake of these products in the green building industry.


To make this happen, Forest Products Solutions works with forest products manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to ensure that they earn certification, knowledgeably train and support their personnel, and use effective marketing techniques.



Green Marketing

Clearly communicating the benefits of your green and FSC products is crucial to successful marketing. The green manufacturing industry is new and rapidly evolving therefore developers, architects, designers, and builders need to be educated on the benefits of new product innovations and their relevance to our environment, our economy, our society and their green building projects.

Terry's experience includes providing education and market development strategies to FSC companies interested in increasing their sales. He will assist you with the development of content for your marketing collateral (web/paper/trade shows), conduct market research and optimize search engine results for your website so prospective clients can easily find you.

Many of the paper products derived from the forest are good examples of green, recyclable items since paper can easily be reused. Terry tries to focus also on green cleaning products and eco-friendly janitorial supplies that are used in his business. His message to the business community encourages everyone to pay attention to the type of products used by staff and contractors. By stocking up on green cleaning supplies, employees will get the message and may carry the eco-awareness home with them. One of his sources is, which has been a leader in marketing sustainable janitorial supplies across the US market via the internet. For example, detergents like dish soap and laundry products that do not pollute because they are designed to be biodegradable when flushed into waste water systems. When used with recyclable forest products green janitorial supplies enable your enterprise to help our environment and demonstrate to your competition your commitment to a sustainable future. While all cleaning products are not yet eco-friendly, the world is moving toward a responsibility that we all should be paying attention to.

Training & Support

Companies that are serious about selling to the green building market know that their employees are integral in bringing their products to the consumer. However, the green building world is growing and technology and industry terms are constantly evolving. Therefore, employees need to be up to date on new information regarding green technology, green products, LEED, green building programs and green terminology. 

Terry Campbell, of Forest Products Solutions, has over eleven years' experience linking FSC certified and green building products to markets and has a comprehensive understanding of current and future green industry trends. In addition, Terry is well connected and respected within the green building industry and considered by many green developers, architects, interior designers, builders and green building consultants to be the leading expert on FSC. 

By working with Forest Products Solutions, Terry will provide your company with trainings, customer support and green building policy/standard interpretation

Certification Expertise


Terry has completed over 500 FSC Chain-of-Custody (COC) evaluations and annual audits for Smartwood and Scientific Certification Systems (SCS). Recently he earned his lead auditor certificate for successful completion of the ISO 19011 training. This only further established him as an expert of the FSC standards and requirements for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. His experience covers building materials, furniture, and paper sectors of the forest products industry, as well as smaller niche sectors. 

Whether it is a single site, multi-site, or company-wide program, Terry can provide your business with all the necessary information to become an FSC certificate holder. Forest Products Solutions is here to assist your business in an easy transition to the manufacturing or sale of FSC-certified products.

Forest Products Solutions can provide your company with:

Chain-of-Custody (COC) Certification

  • Written procedures for the FSC COC documented control system
  • FSC Product Group Schedules
  • Multi-site central office procedures
  • Preparation for an FSC COC audit

Controlled Wood (CW) Verification

  • Controlled wood risk assessment reports
  • Controlled wood written procedures

Minor Component compliance

Forest Products Solutions can essentially do all the preparation for your company to get FSC COC or CW certified.



"When I first met Terry Campbell at Greenbuild 2007 in Chicago I knew he was a mover and shaker in the FSC world. Little did I know that he would also become an integral part of Dixie's foray into that world! Terry, through his company Forest Products Solutions, has effectively defined our Green Mission Statement and put us in a market-leading position when it comes to all things green.

Specifically, Terry's expertise helped us out in the following ways:

  • Defined products we distribute that qualify as "green"
  • Developed and implemented a customized FSC training program
  • Worked with our web hosting company to develop a "green" page on our website
  • Assisted in creating a "green" brochure that is used by our sales team to help answer "green" questions
  • Functioned as our expert consultant for pretty much anything surrounding the confusing world of green building products and practices

Terry's expertise and performance has been invaluable to Dixie and he continues to work with us at Dixie Plywood as we strive to be a valuable resource for our customers."

Tom Heard
Director of Marketing and Business Development, Dixie Plywood

"Working with Terry of Forest Products Solutions has been a comfortable and rewarding experience. Terry knows the intricacies of both green building and the FSC. He bridges these worlds, locates solutions, and performs. We look forward to working with him again and recommend Forest Products Solutions to everyone involved in green building." - Mike Peery, President, Peery Bros Lumber

"The FSC House project was managed very well. Clear goals, targets, responsibilities and dates were set and met. When circumstances threw curve-balls, Terry Campbell adapted quickly and communicated well. I was pleased and impressed and will recommend further participation in the future." - Alice Palmer Marketing Manager of Tembec.